Renovate Building 554 into a Force Generation Center & New Parking Lot

215 Page Road, Warner Robins, GA 31098
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Contract: W912QR-4-D-0023-0002& 0003
Client: USACE- Savannah District, Robins Area Office
Cost: TO 0002: $3,501,028.00 (completed March 2017)
TO 0003: $473,720.00 (complete)
           Overall: $3,974,748.00
Award Date: 1 December 2015
Completion Date: March 2017

This project consists of the renovation and re-configuration of the 22,000 SF building into a new Force Generation Center. The existing building is steel structure with masonry exterior constructed on a concrete slab and foundation. The project is located adjacent to the planned location of the new Consolidated Mission Complex at Robins and will house many of the same users as the CMC facility.

Work on the 554 Force Generation Center includes: Removal and storage of the existing systems furniture; new interior wall framing; upgrade and re-configure HVAC, electrical, and communications systems; new door hardware; site drainage improvements; new emergency generator and new architectural finishes throughout. As part of the renovation, a new Secure Area will be constructed in accordance with ICS 705-1 requirement as well as an Alternate Command Area and Battlewatch Area. A new 52 space parking lot will also be constructed to support the newly renovated facility.

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